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EmuCR: MAME Plus!
MAME Plus! v0.144u3 r4956 is released. New version of this MAME Emulator for Windows. MAME Plus! has many features to make it a great unoffical build.

MAME Plus! SVN Changelog:
*fixed ui_draw_text_full for CMD_LIST

Download: MAME Plus! v0.144u3 r4956 x86
Download: MAME Plus! v0.144u3 r4956 x64
Download: MAME Plus! GUI 1.5.0.win
Source: Here

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  1. even if you assholes remove cave.sh3 , everyone uses old build , and download roms from internet , and enjoy deathsmiles , mushi and others on their pc'! No sane person will buy cave games from now on , and cave will go bankrupt , you are all screwed , the world will collapse

    pathetic fools

  2. Mame Plus Build 4958 SH3 Compiled

    Proof Image: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/59/85145082.jpg/

    Download: http://www.multiupload.com/9G0A5YA27R

    Q. Who am I?
    A. no body.
    Q. Where to find updates compiled with SH3 Code?
    A. On EMUCR Posts
    Q. Is this build optimized?
    A. No. its the same as default Mame Plus Build with latest source and SH3 core added.
    Q. Why?
    A. fuck cave that`s why

    Feel free to give it to friends.


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