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EmuCR: GameYobGameYob Git (2013/05/08) is compiled. GameYob is an open-source gameboy emulator for the DS. It has excellent compatibility and speed, and runs many games flawlessly. Notably, it can use the Gameboy Color bios to colorize pre-color games, just like on a real gameboy.

GameYob Git Changelog:
* Sprites are initialized to zero
* Better handling of the extra opcode before interrupt
* File chooser doesn't allocate more memory than needed
* Interrupt handler doesn't double cycles taken in double speed mode; appears more accurate
* Reworked scanline rendering a bit
* Better lcd status stuff
* More accurate lcd flags and interrupts
* Extra opcode isn't executed when halted
* Execute an opcode before interrupts, fix DMA initial value

Download: GameYob Git (2013/05/08)
Source: Here

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