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EmuCR:NesterJNesterJ 1.12 RM SP is released. NesterJ is a NES Emulator for PSP. It is a modified version of NesterJ.

NesterJ 1.12 RM SP Changelog:

Unnoficial NesterJ 1.12 RM SP adds 2 new features:

1) Update adds 2 new screen modes:

Wide Screen - 2x by 1x
Wide x1.5 - Centered 1x by 1.5x

2) Adds 8 new color palettes chosen from the most popular in emu's

AspiringSquire's Real palette
Loopy's palette
Quor's palette
Chris Covell's palette
Matt Conte's palette
PasoFami/99 palette
CrashMan's palette
MESS palette

I started to make this mod considering there was no screen option for a
perect 2x1 scale that would work good with TV out/FusaSD/RemoteJoyLite
and ended up with this

I didnt use NesterJ AoEX R3 because it crashes on RemoteJoyLite and has other

The Screen Modes updated are Wide Screen for a perfect 2x1 scale better to use
on RemoteJoyLite feature as it doesn't flicker and scrolls properly.

Screen Mode Wide 1.5x is a scale using verticle 1x and horizontal 1.5x this mode
is preferable for a clearer picture when using upscaling though it doesn't
fit the full screen but is very smooth.

The Color palettes I ripped off popular emulators as these are the most used
simply select one of the now 11 available and see the difference in color
from Real nes (AspiringSquire's Real) to high contrast nes (Loopy) to
deep rich color (CrashMan)

Download: NesterJ 1.12 RM SP
Source: Here

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