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EmuCR: ColEmColEm v3.5.2 for Android is released. ColEm is a ColecoVision emulator for Android. ColEm will run software written for the ColecoVision video game console. ColEm package itself does not contain any games. You should place your own game files onto the SD card before running ColEm. Please, do not run any software you do not own with ColEm. The author cannot and will not tell you where to find free ColecoVision games.

ColEm-Android v3.5.2 Changelog:
* Added "Input | Assign Keyboard Keys" option for mapping arbitrary keys.
* Renamed "Assign Keys" to "Assign Joystick Buttons".
* Fixed BACK key on devices where it did not exit emulation.
* Fixed the first/second gamepad detection.
* Fixed a crash in the File Selector when showing grid.
* Returned gradient to the action bar (sorry, Material Design).
* Amplified pixel color raster effects.
* Switched to v2 authentication in DropBox.
* Upgraded to DropBox SDK 1.6.3.
* Improved the What's New dialog.


Download: ColEm v3.5.2 for Android
Source: Here

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