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EmuCR:uBee512 uBee512 v5.7.0 is released. uBee512 is an emulator for the Microbee Z80 Premium/Standard FDD and ROM based microcomputers.

uBee512 v5.7.0 Changelog:
New for this release:
* Added support for Greybeard's CF8 mode when using IDE HDDs.
* Added ability to use dynamically named RAW FDD and HDD images.
* Added hard disk format HD2: (8MB) 246 cylinders, 2 heads, 32 sect/track.
* Added hard disk format HD3: (32MB) 490 cylinders, 4 heads, 32 sect/track.
* Added new RAW disk formats SS40S (S4S) and DS40S (D4S). These are single density formats, 40T 128 b/s, 18 s/t. Also added to 'libdskrc.sample'
* Added --sram option to set SRAM size for ROM model emulation.
* Added '+regs' and '+memr' arguments to --debug option.
* Added debug reporting of memory contents pointed to by 16 bit registers, this is enabled by default but may be switched off with --debug=-memr
* Added Windows 8.1 (W8.1) and Windows 10 (W10) to system detection.
* Added 17 new/altered game entries to 'games.ini.sample'.

* Changes to Serial port calculations to allow 4 and 6.750 MHz clocks.
* Changes to --baud options to allow 38400 baud.
* Reporting Z80 register values in disassembly is now optional, default is on but may be switched off with --debug=-regs.
* Built using latest z80ex 1.1.21 changes that fixes the version function and makes use of some new call-back settings in the API.
* Compiled up against the LibDsk-1.3.8 library which now provides IMD image support. See the LibDsk ChangeLog. IMD support in LibDsk is new so has not seen much testing to date but appears to work for read and write on compressed IMD images. Do not use on archived images (only on copies). If there are issues please use the ubee512-5.6.0 release.

To use IMD images specify the --format option to force LibDsk to handle the disk image:
ubee512 --format=ds80 -a filename.imd

* Changes made to the quickstart.txt file.

* Fixed the Premium Plus model to ignore the ROM2/ROM3 selection bits.
* Fixed the 64k DRAM model DRAM bank select bits to act the same as on a real 64k DRAM Microbee. Thanks to wizged for research on a real 64k.
* Fixed --snd-mute option, probably broken since 5.0.0.
* Fixed (changes) to --sound=off option, releases before 5.0.0 had disabled the SDL sound system but since 5.0.0 does nothing, the 'off' argument is deprecated but if used will now have the same effect as --snd-mute=on.
* Fixed disk read/write related bugs that prevented 128 byte sectors working. Also same bug had affected 1024 byte sectors but not noticed in general use. Physical shift values will now work upto integer size.
* Fixed a problem when writing to CRTC 6545 display start high and low registers 12 and 13 was not refreshing the display. This had been a long standing issue with some programs that changed these registers such as the Net ROM under the IC model where rubbish characters remained on the top line.
* Fixed --bpr, --db-bpr options as had failed to take a single argument.
* Fixed --db-bp-port, -db-bpclr-port and --db-bpr-port 'p,n' range values.
* Fixed a segmentation fault in disk_create() when searching for a '.' which is now ignored if next to a slash character on either side.
* Fixed crash when doing a Power-cycle.
* Fixed Tapfile DGOS name display to use space characters if white space and to mask off high bit.
* Fixed --debug option to use 'tstates' (and not 'tstate') argument as described in help for the --debug option.
* Minor changes to some functions in options.c to eliminate build warnings.

Download: uBee512 v5.7.0
Source: Here

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