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EmuCR: Project64RSP Git (2015/12/13) is compiled. RSP is a plugin for Project64.

RSP Git Changelog:
* Instead of PINSRW, try non-SSE for a pre-buffer.
* Prevent in-line expansion of function `do_div()`.
This is either for good or just temporary. It depends how much performance is lost from having to call the NOINLINE function, but as this is the actual source of speed hits for the divide operations I find it all that much easier to benchmark it when it is not getting in-lined.
Furthermore, it's usually way low at the bottom of the function hot-spot lists anyway, so I'd rather save my 1 KB of DLL file size than worry about premature optimization for a function that needs more thorough benchmark testing anyway.
* Make sure the RCP division ROM constants parse as unsigned.

EmuCR: Project64
EmuCR: Project64

Download: RSP Git (2015/12/13) x86
Download: RSP Git (2015/12/13) x64
Source: Here2

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