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EmuCR: Nucleus Nucleus Git (2016/01/29) is compiled. This project focuses on PlayStation 3 emulation.

Please, understand that I'm not interested on providing support, releases, or attention to any comments, issues or pull requests for now.

Nucleus Git Changelog:
* Added missing nucleus-uwp assets
* Added draft keyboard/mouse event system
* Included stb library once again
* Temporary widgetVtxBuffer mock
* Fixed SwapChain resizing on D3D12 backend
* Added ui::Surface to track window changes
* Fixed UI test shaders
* Fixed HLSL compiler errors on shader input/outputs
* Added gfx::hir BuiltIn and Constant support on HLSL
* Simplified HLSL emitter for gfx::hir instructions
* Improved header parser in HLSL compiler
* Minor SPIR-V parser fixes
* Added SPIR-V parser and shader resources
* Replaced C++11 SPIR-V header with C++ version
* Updated gfx::hir definitions
* Removed non-SPIRV stuff from gfx::hir
* Added Flex-based GLSL tokenizer
* Added SPIR-V dependencies
* Including Bison outputs to avoid extra dependencies
* Bison-powered GLSL parser
* New building instructions
* New gfx::hir typing system and shader as resources
* Setting D3D12 root signatures on cmdBindPipeline
* Happy New Year 2016
* Implemented Direct3D12VertexBuffer
* Logging Direct3D12 debug messages
* Fixed D3D12 initialization on nucleus-windows
* Fixed resource loader and D3D12 initialization on UWP
* Access to host-OS-managed application folders
* Implemented common resource loader
* Split filesystems in Virtual/Host/Resource
* Updated readme
* Forked Xbyak into cpu/backend/x86/x86_assembler
* Fixed global compilation issues
* Removed mongoose and stb dependencies
* Added iOS project for VS2015
* Added Android project for VS2015
* Added D3D12 / GLES+Angle code for UWP
* Using shared projects for Nucleus codebase
* Added resource barriers to graphics project
* Implemented Direct3D12Fence
* Direct3D12 shader compilation and IAstate
* Direct3D12/OpenGL backend constants conversion
* Direct3D12 shader compiler draft
* Namespaced gfx backends and linked D3DCompile
* Direct3D12 fence/pipeline/shader creation
* Rewritten UWP wrapper and getting rid of XAML
* Debug Direct3D12 backend initialization
* Customized UWP templates
* Added Universal Windows Platform wrapper
* Minor Direct3D12 backend fixes
* Minor Direct3D11 backend fixes
* Vertex buffer binding on OpenGL backend
* Vertex buffer mapping/unmapping
* Callback for OpenGL debug messages
* Making Widgets populate global UI vertex buffer
* Implemented cmdBindPipeline on OpenGL backend
* Fixed GLSL compiler issues and builtins
* OpenGL shader builtins and instructions added

Download: Nucleus Git (2016/01/29) x64
Source: Here


  1. is Nucleus also a kind of ps3 emulator?

  2. it is a ps3 emulator, i dont know how to use it, so i dont know if its userfriendly or not... but still, rpcs3 is better right now


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