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EmuCR: Cen64Cen64 Git (2016/02/28) is compiled. Cen64 is a Cycle-Accurate Nintendo 64 Simulator.

Cen64 Git Changelog:
* rsp: Use host byte ordering for ICACHE.
Up until the, the RSP was storing instruction words in big-
endian format. Thus, each fetch on an x86 host requires a
byteswap. This is wasteful, so use host byte ordering for
the ICACHE (as the VR4300 does now).
* More audio optimizations from izy.
* Implement izy's SSE audio processing idea.
izy noticed that the audio buffers are usually >= 64 bytes
in size and aligned to 16 bytes. This makes them a very good
candidate for SSE (instead of swapping a word at a time).
* Update contributors and README.md.
* simer's cart db patch.
simer suggested (and implemented) the use of ROM IDs instead
of titles: "I've also found that the header name in some cases
are too inprecise, for example "TOP GEAR RALLY" has EEPROM 4K
for the Japanese and European versions, but not for the American.

Download: Cen64 Git (2016/02/28)
Source: Here

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