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PeteOpenGL2Tweak v2.3 is released. PeteOpenGL2Tweak is is a PSEMU Pro compatible plug-in that patches PeteOpenGL2 plugin on runtime.

PeteOpenGL2Tweak v2.3 Changelog:
Deposterize filter - useful for games with heavy dithering like Silent Hill.
Fixes & optimizations in Texture Cache.
Slice option replaced with BatchSize for more even parallel workload.
Changed some default settings.

About BatchSize:
This value represents number of texels (texture pixels) to be processed at once ie. higher value - less parallel processing, lower value - more parallel processing.
So old slice option was number of batches, and new option is a size of single batch.
Making batch size constant and calculating slice sizes at run-time make workload more even because different textures now have different slice count.

Download: PeteOpenGL2Tweak v2.3
Source: Here

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  1. a lot of bugs graphics not possible to play -at least not on epsxe

    1. yeah, one big mess on epsxe 2.0

    2. Pretty sure it's not optimized for ePSXe, give them some credit though, at least it's not dead like pSX.

    3. Lol it works fine on epsxe 2.0

    4. IDK what these people are vaping

  2. doesn't work with pcsxr or psxe. the game starts but there's a lot of things wrong. went back to 2.2 and works again. i tried changing so many configurations. just couldn't get it to work. :(


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