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EmuCR: Project 64Project64 Git (2016/02/14) is compiled. Project 64 is a proprietary Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows. It employs a plug-in system that allows third-party software developers to create their own implementation of a specified component. Project64 allows the user to play Nintendo 64 games on a computer by reading ROM images, either dumped from the read-only memory of a Nintendo 64 cartridge or created directly on the computer as homebrew. Project64 started as an exercise by Jabo and zilmar in an attempt to see if they were capable of programming a Nintendo 64 emulator. It's open source now.

Project64 Git Changelog:
* [Glide64] Change display_warning to WriteTrace
* [RSP] Fix compile issues
* Merge pull request #1000 from cxd4/umm-ya-dunno-wot-goes-here
[RSP] Attempt to typedef-out WIN32 types to custom standards?
* [RSP] Attempt to typedef-out WIN32 types to custom standards?
* Merge pull request #999 from cxd4/rsp-dma-compiles
[RSP] Get Dma.c to compile without errors/warnings outside Windows.
* [RSP] Without MessageBox(), windows.h has no use here.
* [RSP] dma.c: unresolved memcpy()
* [RSP] dma.c: Replace windows.h by using DisplayError().
* [RSP] dma.c: Use standard integer types.
* Merge pull request #994 from cxd4/even-moar-rsp-things
[RSP] Get Main.cpp to start to compile outside of Windows.
* [RSP] Try to use JunielKatarn's error paste to sync Main.cpp.
* [RSP] Remove _WIN32-isms from body def. to AsciiToHex.
* [RSP] Get Main.cpp to start to compile (no fatal errors).
* [RSP] Main.cpp: Macro out #include requiring _WIN32.
* [RSP] s/opcode.h/OpCode.h

Download: Project64 Git (2016/02/14) x86
Download: Project64 Git (2016/02/14) x64

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