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EmuCR: MESSMESS Git (2016/05/29) is compiled. MESS(Multi Emulator Super System) is an open source emulator which emulates a large variety of different systems. MESS is a source-available project which documents the hardware for a wide variety of (mostly vintage) computers, video game consoles, and calculators through software emulation, as MAME does for arcade games. As a nice side effect to this documentation, MESS allows software and games for these hardware platforms to be run on modern PCs.

MESS Git Changelog:
* Fix target exe (nw)
* [skip CI] Update tea-ci.org settings
32-bit due to Cygwin 64-bit bug that bites occasionally.
Add -validate with output on success
For the secrets, need to update the YAML to enable, the generate the secrets file, containing the hash of this YAML file once tea-ci is updated to support this.
* New clone added
Electronic Battleship (1982 version) [hap, Sean Riddle]
* Compile fix (uninitialized variable) (nw)
* Create .drone.yml
Add file for Windows/Docker CI for MSYS2/MingW64
* Me Tarzan, you Jane....
* Added highly experimental SHARC recompiler (disabled by default) [Ville Linde]
* Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/mamedev/mame
* More slider cleanup, nw
* Magic Fly driver: Refactored PCB layout and pinout with new findings
and PCB trace. Also added some technical notes [Roberto Fresca].
* Merge pull request #909 from rzero9/patch-2
fmtowns_cd.xml: Added N, O, P
* fmtowns_cd.xml: Added N, O, P
* Merge pull request #910 from felipesanches/radm_swap_lamp_signals
radm: Swap Lights_lamp and Wiper_lamp (these output signals were misassigned)
* radm: Swap Lights_lamp and Wiper_lamp (these output signals were misassigned)
* Fixed MT06222
- fixed offset of vector lines and clipping rectangle when vector primitives are prepared to be rendered into a texture (HLSL) instead of directly on the screen (GDI, D3D)
* Add missing recently added driver to mess (nw)
* proper patch already applied upstream (nw)
* pkg-config is already there (nw)
* update travis for osx (nw)
* we are not using pipes so no problem, but there is something wrong here (nw)
* misc fixes (nw)
* fix a mismatched new[]/delete error in corealloc
* _name massacre in corealloc while at it
* add template/macro for delaring array with equivalent dimensions
* New non-working drivers:
- Tektronix 4404 [R. Belmont, Al Kossow]
* fix compile issue (nw)
* looks something is wrong (nw)
* Update BGFX and BX (nw)
* disable notification
* they updated version (nw)
* 2nd try (nw)
* move to qt5 in travis.yml (nw)
* fix OSX compile (nw)
* some more gen_latch.cpp (nw)
* Merge pull request #903 from ajrhacker/nmistory
West Story improvements: the NMI story
* West Story improvements: the NMI story
- Thoroughly reworked weststry memory map based on M68000 code
- FG tilemap scrolling implemented for weststry
- Sound hooked up, but doesn't fully work (YM3812 stops sending IRQs)
- Various things documented in other bloodbro.cpp games
* Travis update (nw)
* Fix pongf. (nw)
* New clones added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Super Street Fighter II: The Tournament Battle (Japan 931005) [ShouTime]
* Merge pull request #905 from felipesanches/alesis_qs7
[alesqs7] New skeleton driver: Alesis QS-7 musical keyboard.
* [alesqs7] New skeleton driver: Alesis QS-7 musical keyboard.
* Fix Visual Studio build (nw)
* build with MSVC (nw)
* Fix potential crash when using pillarbox default.lay but not specifying 3 shader chains
* Fix crash when using pillarbox shaders, nw

Download: MESS Git (2016/05/29) x86
Download: MESS Git (2016/05/29) x64
Source: Here

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