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EmuCR: SupermodelSupermodel SVN r410 is compiled. Supermodel is a Sega Model 3 arcade emulator. Supermodel emulates Sega's Model 3 arcade platform, allowing you to play a number of ground-breaking 3D classics on your PC.

Supermodel SVN Changelog:
- Removed a stale comment
Legacy renderer changes:
- Updated shading model. Unfortunately, it is far from perfect but it seems to be the best I can do for now. Not really much of a difference from before except that the Scud Race castle is fixed at the expense of the Yosemite level in LA Machineguns being too bright.
- Added lots of notes in the shading code.
- Passing both specular coefficient and shininess to shader. This will probably break specular lighting for now until the shader is updated to use the shininess correctly.
- Color table address in polygon RAM is now obtained from culling nodes as they are traversed (found this in the Pro-1000 SDK).
Added palette bit to list of bits to dump for analysis
Disable light modifier on fog, seems not to work .. values don't make sense. Maybe the model3 doesn't use these.

Download: Supermodel SVN r410 x86
Download: Supermodel SVN r410 x64
Source: Here

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  1. The sound is broken in every single EmuCR svn revision :(


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