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EmuCR:JPcspJpcsp Git (2016/06/22) is compiled. JPCSP is the most advanced PlayStation Portable(PSP) emulator, allowing you to play your PSP games on a PC. Even though Jpcsp is written in Java, it can already reach 100% PSP speed on a lot of commercial games... and the emulator performance is constantly increasing. Jpcsp takes full advantage of dual-core processors, matching the PSP dual-core architecture. Even a quad-core can give a small performance improvement by leaving free CPU cores for the Java JIT Compiler and the graphics cache.

Jpcsp Git changelog:
* VCOS, VSIN, VROT: fixed more precision issues for specific angles (0.0,
1.0, 2.0 and 3.0). The Java Math functions are returning values slightly
different than 0.0 and 1.0 in those cases.
Extends the fix from commit bd345a4.
Similar fix as implemented by [unknown] in PPSSPP commit 5b7bd81.

Download: Jpcsp Git (2016/06/22)
Source: Here

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  1. " JPCSP is the most advanced PlayStation Portable(PSP) emulator,..."
    This a joke? PPSSPP is way better than this and yet you put this VERY MISLEADING DISCRIPTION?

  2. ^ Totally agree, that's very misleading, jpcsp is not the most advanced PSP emulator anymore so the guy that post the news in this site should stop being lazy and remove that line from jpcsp, he's copy/pasting that same crap for ages.

    And btw, who in their right mind still use jpcsp?, java is a cancer to emulators.

    lol java


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