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EmuCR: 19641964-X Git (2016/07/11) is compiled. Unofficial fork of 1964 1.1. 1964 is a free Open Source N64 Emulator. It is one of the top Nintendo emulators arround that you can get with a high game compatibility rate.

1964-X Git Changelog
* Optimize Handle_DPC
* Optimize Handle_SP
* Optimize WriteMI_ModeReg
* Optimize Handle_MI
* Optimize FastPIMemoryCopy
* Put the DP interrupt timer event in the right place
* Fix mistakes I previously made
Still need to fix potential save state issue.
* Update Compatibility info for Killer Instinct
it now works!
* Make delay DP interrupt work when using a RSP
* Update compatibility list
* Add support for overclocking
Backported from deathdroid's fork of 1964
* Fix for the Real Time clock bug
Taken from Surreal64 which is derived from a fix by the Mupen team
* Add more country codes for cheat code detection
* Disable pausing CPU while audio config is open

Download: 1964-X Git (2016/07/11)
Source: Here

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