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EmuCR: PCSX ReloadedPCSX Reloaded Git (2016/07/31) is compiled. PCSX-Reloaded is a fork of the PCSX-df Project, a PlayStation Emulator, with support for both Windows and GNU/Linux operating systems as well as several bugfixes/improvements.

PCSX Reloaded Git Changelog:
* Various CPU updates
- Sign extend values read using LH
- Add conversion functions to represent Signed/Unsigned 16-bit ranges
- Add overflow and truncation functions for 16-bit ranges
- Sign extend imm value in ADD(U)
- Add component overflow and truncation to ADD/SUB functions
- Construct new value in logic operators where result using inputs is undefined
- Return a valid W component from logic operators (if either input has one)
- Compare against high value (y), then low value (x) in less than operators
- Use doubles and implement overflow for Multiply operations to try to increase accuracy
- Use unsigned values in both MUL and DIV operations to make output as accurate as possible
- Implement several variants of shift operators. Trying both arithmetically correct and more analytical approaches with varying success.
Debug updates
- Added ability to force all values to be equal to low precision values before operating on them
- Added feature to test output of operations against a tolerance and print only those which fail
GPU updates
- Colour vertices with valid XY coordinates but no W as cyan to make them easier to spot
- Remove cyan colouring for stale vertices (wasn't useful)
- Added ability to skip debug rendering when needed (like seeing the output of offscreen rendering applied to a sprite).
- Added new mode which shows primitive type
* Use overclock on load state
- Recalculate CPU counters using current clock speed on loading a new state
* Change "valid" flag to multiple bit flags
Validity of a pgxp value can now be set for any of four components using individual bit flags. This also allows the potential expansion of more flag data for each component.

Download: PCSX Reloaded Git (2016/07/31)
Source: Here

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