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EmuCR: QMC2QMC2 v0.65 is compiled. QMC2 is a good GUI for MAME & MESS. QMC2(M.A.M.E. Catalog / Launcher II) is the successor of one of the first XMAME/MESS GUI frontends available, QMamecat (derived from MAMECAT, which was text-only). QMC2 has been rebuilt from scratch as a Qt 4 project. Parts of the design and code were inspired by its predecessor. The new design was made as flexible as possible to minimize dependencies from frontend- and CLI-related MAME changes, which was a major deficiency of QMamecat. QMC2 uses a template-based MAME configuration scheme, which can easily be enhanced with additional command line options (defined in an XML template file).

QMC2 v0.65 Changelog:
* fix: don’t prevent the ‘automatic ROM check’ from starting when the ‘Check ROMs’ action gets triggered while the machine list is being reloaded
* fix: image checker: added obsolete file removal support when using libarchive (missing unintentionally)
* fix: image checker: corrected checking for obsolete icon files when read from a directory (this verified only PNGs as valid but the restriction is long gone)
* imp: video player: accept youtu.be besides youtube.com when copy-pasting video URLs
* imp: updated category.ini to MAME 0.175
* imp: emulator configuration templates updated to MAME 0.175 (removed core option ‘antialias’, added Windows-specific option ‘vector_beam_smooth’)
* imp: changed the default command line for the 7zip removal tool to include -mhc=off (disables header compression which libarchive doesn’t support) and -ms=off (disables solid blocks which are generally counter productive for our use case)
* imp: pre-caching icons from a directory will no longer block the GUI and works faster now (using QDirIterator)
* imp: updated PDF.js to a newer git revision (as of 11-JUN-2016)
* imp: hide the splash-screen as soon as the initial start-up is done (in case it’s still open by that time – which is likely)
* imp: added a new alternative system-notes template contributed by José Marcio Rezende Franco (data/gmn/Concise.html)
* new: ROMAlyzer / collection rebuilder: CHD files are now optionally included in the reproduction process (automatically renaming them if required); you can choose between creating hard links, symbolic links and real copies, or to omit CHD reproduction completely (which is the default) — see also bug tracker ID #114
* new: added a catver.ini optimizer to potentially speed up loading slightly
* new: emulator identification is now skipped when the binary’s modification time hasn’t changed – this generally speeds up loading greatly (but can be disabled in case it causes any trouble)

Download: QMC2 v0.65 x86
Download: QMC2 v0.65 x64
Source: Here

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