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EmuCR: WiiUDecaf Git (2016/08/19) is compiled. Decaf (originally called WiiU-EMU) is a researching Wii U emulation. The Wii U is a home video game console created by Nintendo and the successor to the Wii.

Decaf Git Changelog:
* Unbound depth buffers are not invalid, they just null-write.
* snd_core: Add missing CHECK_OFFSET
* Unbound color buffers are not invalid, they just null-write.
* Fix CopySurface with CUBEMAP textures.
* Handle FMT_24_8 textures a bit better.
I still don't know if handling them this way is 'correct',
but it certainly is a lot better. We will need to write
some test applications to determine if we are doing this
right or not...
* Revert: opengl: Handle VGT_MULTI_PRIM_IB_RESET_EN.
This breaks quite a bit of things, I think there is more to
this than that. On GX2, primitive restart appears to always
be enabled, with the specific reset value being controlled
rather than the feature being turned on/off entirely. Note
that the register you are checking is actually never touched
by gx2.rpl.
* Fix bug with stencil_enable with non-stencil formats.
* Fix bug in ZClip register data generation.
The assembly for this particular method is really strange in
that it DOES specify both near and far, but near comes from the
input parameter, while far comes by pulling the near part out
of the register value, and placing it back in 1 bit over.
* Merge pull request #314 from achurch/gl-fixes
GL rendering fixes.
* opengl: Fix desync with cached color mask flags.
We now set color masks when setting render targets, so we don't want
to also do it when the register is written.
* opengl: Fix render target binding.
Look at the CB_SHADER_CONTROL and DB_DEPTH_CONTROL registers rather
than the address and mask registers to determine which render targets
are active, both to avoid leaving unused targets bound (which can
affect the draw bounds due to OpenGL rules on differently-sized
framebuffer attachments) and to ensure that buffers are bound even
when masked for operations that have no outputs (such as transform
* opengl: Handle the DB_SHADER_CONTROL register.
This is mostly an optimization in that it allows us to explicitly
request early fragment tests, but we also suppress writes to
gl_FragDepth if Z_EXPORT_ENABLE is false, and we abort entirely on
STENCIL_REF_EXPORT_ENABLE since we don't support that at all.
* opengl: Verify that offset registers are zero when compiling shaders.
Also add the missing register definitions to latte_registers.h.
* opengl: Miscellaneous cleanup.
- Remove a few unneeded glTextureParameteri() calls overlooked earlier.
- Fix registers listed out of numerical order.
- Add back a blank line that was accidentally removed.
* Merge pull request #320 from achurch/depth-clamp
opengl: Invert handling of ZCLIP_NEAR_DISABLE in PA_CL_CLIP_CNTL.
* opengl: Invert handling of ZCLIP_NEAR_DISABLE in PA_CL_CLIP_CNTL.
In OpenGL, depth "clamping" is the opposite of clipping: when depth
clamping is enabled, the near and far clip planes are _dis_abled,
allowing all depth values to pass through to the final depth buffer
store; at that point, the depth value is clamped to the range [0,1].
This behavior corresponds to disabling Z-clipping with the
Also add an assertion that the near and far clipping flags have the
same state, since OpenGL does not allow clamping on one side only.
* Merge pull request #319 from achurch/DX_CLIP_SPACE_DEF
opengl: Invert handling of DX_CLIP_SPACE_DEF in PA_CL_CLIP_CNTL.
* opengl: Invert handling of DX_CLIP_SPACE_DEF in PA_CL_CLIP_CNTL.
The OpenGL API docs for glClipControl explicitly give the example of
DirectX as a use case for GL_ZERO_TO_ONE, and Mesa includes the
expression S_028810_DX_CLIP_SPACE_DEF(state->clip_halfz) when computing
the PA_CL_CLIP_CNTL register value (note the "halfz"), so I suspect the
current logic is backwards.
* Merge pull request #318 from achurch/VGT_MULTI_PRIM_IB_RESET_EN
opengl: Handle writes to VGT_MULTI_PRIM_IB_RESET_EN.
* opengl: Handle writes to VGT_MULTI_PRIM_IB_RESET_EN.
* Add a much more lenient cereal json input archive.
- All values are optional, value will not be touched in the missing case
- Adds rapidjson flags for kParseCommentsFlag and kParseTrailingCommasFlag

Download: Decaf Git (2016/08/19)
Source: Here

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