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Pasofami v2.30 is released. Pasofami a japanese NES, SNES And GameBoy emulator.

Pasofami v2.30 Changelog:
1. Automatic draft correspondence of "Glitter Star Night DX".
Although cassette of "Glitter Star Night DX" was released on October 6, since the response to this automatic sucking
If you save and sucking, it can be moved also in the emulator.

2. Version up of "Paso disk"
- Famicom Disk Support of the "Paso disk V1.5" to "" Paso disk V1.7 "you can upgrade.
You can up the current V1.5 to V1.7 in "Paso disk version up (V1.7)" in the suction screen.

In this case, please note the following items.
(1) version of "Paso disk" to be set in the NES side is V1.5.
But there is a case where this previous version can also be used.
(2) Famicom disk or Twin NES can be written only if the write protect is not applied.
(3) direct and write to the current disk that have been written of Paso disk, if the writing has failed, because no longer can use the Paso disk,
Please write to another Disusuku.
(4) version up Select "DISK WRITE TOOL" in the menu on the disk side,
PC side, select "Paso disk version up (v1.7)".

Changes in Paso disk V1.7
• Although each message was only a letter until now Do this a letter, or, making it easy to understand, including Kana, Kanji.
Function up in Paso disk V1.7
- It has become for people are using the Paso disk dedicated RAM cassette that can be used in the Twin Famicom.
(1) Since the data of the disk read in Tsun NES side it is written to the RAM, and this data
Or send as it is of the image to the PC side, you can receive or. The file name is "pasodisk.ram".
In particular, special disk (Hokusai, Jingoro, Kodakara, child-rearing, hammer, Hunter, hackers, etc.)
If you have a special ID will not be in the format of the FDS, the thus read disk will be how to save in the RAM image.

Download: Pasofami v2.30
Source: Here

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