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EmuCR:OpenMSX OpenMSX Git (2016/11/28) is complie. OpenMSX is an open source MSX emulator which is free according to the Debian Free Software Guidelines, available under the GNU General Public License.For copyright reasons the emulator cannot be distributed with original BIOS ROM images. OpenMSX includes C-BIOS a minimal implementation of the MSX BIOS, allowing to play quite some games without the need to have an original MSX BIOS ROM image. You can also use your own BIOS ROM image if you please.

OpenMSX Git Changelog:
* Removed DirectX 7 dev package from 3rdparty
Recent mingw-w64 releases include the DirectSound headers and link
library, so we don't have to download those separately.
We're planning to drop the DirectX sound driver altogether, but this
cleanup can already be done before dropping the driver.
* Work around "near" and "far" being macros on Windows
This does not cause problems with compilation at the moment, but
I don't want to leave the code in a state where a small #include
change might break it.

Download: OpenMSX Git (2016/11/28) x86
Download: OpenMSX Git (2016/11/28) x64
Source: Here

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