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EmuCR: DolphinDolphin Git 5.0-1777 is compiled. This is the trunk of Dolphin Project. Dolphin is the first Gamecube emulator able to run commercial games! Dolphin is a Gamecube, Wii and Triforce (the arcade machine based on the Gamecube) emulator which supports many extra features and abilities not present on the original consoles. It has a partial Wii support and plays most Gamecube games.

Dolphin Git changelog:
* Merge pull request #4610 from ligfx/fixgamelist
DolphinWX: Fix position of GameListCtrl tooltips on macOS
* DolphinWX: Fix position of GameListCtrl tooltips on macOS
* Merge pull request #4646 from leoetlino/minor-simplifications
IOS HLE: Minor simplifications
* IOS HLE: Replace some loops with range-based loops
* IOS HLE: Simplify Reset() and SetDefaultContentFile()
We only need to close IOS devices which were opened, and we can do that
simply by iterating over s_fdmap and closing any opened device.
With this change, s_device_map can be cleared at once.
We can just use s_es_handles which is guaranteed to contain three valid
ES devices. Gets rid of a downcast.
* Merge pull request #4617 from lioncash/hotkey
HotkeyInputConfigDialog: Move UI creation into named functions
* HotkeyInputConfigDialog: Move UI creation into named functions
The constructor shouldn't be used as a dumping ground for all UI-related
initialization. Doing so makes it somewhat more difficult to reason about
how certain UI elements get created. It also puts unrelated identifiers in
the same scope.
This separates the UI creation out so code relevant to each component
is self-contained.
* Merge pull request #4645 from lioncash/breakpoints
BreakPoints: Minor changes
* BreakPoints: Use std::any_of where applicable
* BreakPoints: Use character literals for finding single characters
The single character find overload is better suited over the one for
finding character sequences.
* BreakPoints: Make getters const member functions
Just const-correctness stuff. The returned collection can't be modified,
so this makes sense.
* BreakPoints: Rename variables
Drops Hungarian notation where applicable.Drops Hungarian notation where
* BreakPoints: Make the memchecks class member private
There's no need to make this public.
* BreakPoints: Convert typedefs into using aliases
* BreakPoints: Add initializers for TBreakPoint and TWatch
Ensures all members are consistently initialized.
* BreakPoints: In-class initialize TMemCheck members
Same thing, less code.
* Merge pull request #4644 from leoetlino/no-return-value
IOS HLE: Make Device::Update() return void
* IOS HLE: Remove useless overrides in bt_stub
Since the Open command won't ever return with the stub, there's no way
we will get a Close/IOCtl/IOCtlV for it, so we don't have to
implement it at all.
* IOS HLE: Make Device::Update() return void
The return value is not used at all, so it's useless to keep it.
And the semantics of the return value were not even well defined.
* Merge pull request #4537 from JosJuice/blob-open-less-files
Open less files when detecting/opening blobs
* WbfsBlob: Don't wrap file_entry in std::unique_ptr
There doesn't seem to be any reason for doing it.
* WbfsBlob: Remove m_total_files
std::vector already keeps track of this for us.
* WbfsBlob: Only open each file once
The first file used to be opened once by
CreateBlobReader and once inside WbfsFileReader.
* Don't create new IOFiles when creating a blob
...except for WBFS, which is special because
it has the ability to open multiple files.
* Only open file once when detecting blob type

Download: Dolphin Git 5.0-1777 x64
Download: Dolphin Git 5.0-1777 Android
Source: Here

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