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EmuCR: VirtuaNESVirtuaNES Git (2017/01/15) is complied. This is a C++/C# port of the Visual 2C02 and the Visual 2A03 by Quietust. It combines both simulators into a single simulation and allows the simulation to run NES roms (albeit at roughly 1/1000th of the speed of a real NES). The Visual 2C02/2A03 are adapted from the code of the Visual 6502. This also adds a few feature (load/save states/memory, logging to disk). It also simulates both the 2C02 and the 2A03 together much faster than the javascript versions (10-20x faster). A few features are still missing, but the goal is to port most of the originals' features in time.

VirtuaNES Git Changelog:
* Fixed regression with using mouse wheel to zoom in/out on chip display
* PGO targets to simplify PGO builds
* Several UI improvements
* Some PPU<->CPU read/write fixes (may still be partially incorrect, but boots some games/tests)
* Added PPU output viewer (looks like it is broken because PPU registers aren't working as expected, but actually outputs the right colors)
* Optimizations (changed ints to shorts, etc.)
* -Better soft reset logic (changes ppu/cpu alignment like in a real NES)
-Fixes in logic for cpu read/writes in halfStep()
* Allow 16kb PRG roms to work
* Set mirroring type when loading a rom
* Linux: Fixed minor UI issues
* About form title fix
* About window fixes
* Prevent hex editors from scrolling back to top when data is refreshed
* Renamed exe/dll files
* Fixed chip display
* Update README.md
* -Added 2A03 chip inside simulation
-Added ability to load .nes roms and run them on the simulated chips
-UI changes/refactoring
* Added secondary sprite OAM at the end of sprite ram ($100-$11F)
* Fixed minor issues
* Highlight nodes + node info, show simulation state
* Chip display (layers, zoom, pan)
* Static link standard lib in release
* Added icon
* Create README.md
* Fixed form caption
* Linux: Added makefile, fixed warnings
* HexBox: Replaced Win32 API calls with managed alternatives
* Added "Dumps" folder
* Fixed crash on exit
* Select columns, logging options, program execution, save/load states for ram
* Added C# UI + memory editing + save states
* Initial commit (C++ port of Visual 2C02)

Download: VirtuaNES Git (2017/01/15) x86
Download: VirtuaNES Git (2017/01/15) x64
Source: Here

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  1. Great they have used the icon that I have drawn !!!, I am very happy thanks !!! ;D


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