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EmuCR: PCSX2PCSX2 Git (2017/02/23) is compiled. PCSX2 is an open source PlayStation 2 (PS2) emulator for the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. With the most recent versions, many PS2 games are playable (although speed limitations have made play-to-completion tests for many games impractical), and several games are claimed to have full functionality.

PCSX2 Git Changelog:
* gsdx: move window creation before renderer/device setup
* gsdx: reduce the complexity on window creation
Improve code sharing between OS
Use vector to handle priority
Throw in GSWndDX create in case of error
* gsdx: use shared_ptr instead of raw GSWnd*
* gsdx ogl: move the validation of the gl context in the window
* gsdx ogl: properly plug the new HPO option
* gsdx linux: update GUI based on previous commit
* gsdx windows: update gui to add a HPO v2 checkbox
Squash done by greg
v2: update tooltip
* Plugin-Function: Add OSD for incomplete/corrupt savestates
Previously, the OSD neglected to mention any sort of message when the savestate load is failed, the following patch now also prints a message on OSD when detecting such cases of loading an incomplete/corrupt savestate.

Download: PCSX2 Git (2017/03/03)
Source: Here

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