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EmuCR:JPcspJpcsp Git (2017/05/10) is compiled. JPCSP is the most advanced PlayStation Portable(PSP) emulator, allowing you to play your PSP games on a PC. Even though Jpcsp is written in Java, it can already reach 100% PSP speed on a lot of commercial games... and the emulator performance is constantly increasing. Jpcsp takes full advantage of dual-core processors, matching the PSP dual-core architecture. Even a quad-core can give a small performance improvement by leaving free CPU cores for the Java JIT Compiler and the graphics cache.

Jpcsp Git changelog:
* Code clean-up
* sceGeListEnqueue, sceGeListUpdateStallAddr: improved compatibility for
older games (PSP firmware 1.xx) where multiple GE lists could be
submitted on the same address. This is only working on a real PSP
because the GE engine is processing new lists very quickly, before they
are overwritten by the next list. However, the OpenGL renderer in Jpcsp
is not processing new lists fast enough causing random list errors (e.g.
"Waiting too long on stall address ...").
The issue is not happening with the external software renderer.
* UMD browser: allow filtering also on the firmware version
* Fixed sceKernelLoadExec to find the correct "root" thread even when a
PSP module is loaded (e.g. flash0/kd/utility.prx)
* sceGuDrawLine: small code fix.
* Code clean-up
* sceNetInet: improved the startup time of Jpcsp by moving long running
DNS requests at startup to a separate thread.
* sceFontGetFontInfo: improved compatibility by returning some values from
real PSP font files.
* Code clean-up
* Compatibility improvement in sceFontOpen: use the file size of the real
PSP font files to allocate memory because the size of the Jpcsp files do
significantly differ from the PSP ones.
* Small improvement in DebuggerMemory to allow the "install" at any time.
* small compatibility improvement in sceUtilityOsk: do not completetly
clear outTextAddr
* scePsmfPlayer: improved the handling of the end of the video.
* Fixed the option "--vsh" due to an inssue introduced by a recent change.
* Fixed sceResmgr_9DC14891
* Added support for a function found in the profiler information from
"Grisaia no Kajitsu: Le Fruit de la Grisaia" to allow a screen capture
used as ICON0.PNG in the savedata, even when the option "Enable saving
GE screen to textures instead of memory" is used.
* Fixed a small issue for "hooks" defined in Compiler.xml: the hook
function was not called when the lowest address of a code block was not
the start address.
* sceAudiocodec: now correctly support the decoding of mono audio (Atrac3
or Atrac3+)
* Better support for homebrews using 64MB memory: do not loose the modules
loaded into kernel memory (i.e. flash0:/kd/utility.prx) when resizing
the memory from 32MB to 64MB.
* Fixed a bug in the PGD decryption: incorrect data was returned by the
decryption (i.e. garbage data) when multiple PGD files were open at the
same time.
This might fix the applications showing random errors after reading PGD
* Avoid NullPointerException in DebuggerMemory.
* Avoid error displayed by the HTTP Server about missing jpcsp.jks.
* sceKernelLoadModuleToBlock: fixed issue introduced by recent changes
(incorrect partitionId was used).
Code clean-up for all LoadModule functions.
sceUtilitySavedata: truncate the game title (and add "...") in the
save/load screen as done by a real PSP.
* More progress on native PSP pspnet_inet.prx module: added DHCP support
in the access point.
* sceUtilityCheckNetParam: do not return too many entries as some
homebrews only support a limited number.
* Improved the compatibility of sceUtilityGamedataInstall
* Improved the gateway value returned by sceUtilityGetNetParam
* Progress on supporting the PSP native pspnet_inet.prx and
* Avoid a NullPointerException in the java version of the atrac3+ decoder.
* Added sceAudiocodec_3DD7EE1A
* Small code refactoring. No function change.
* Improved memory viewer (under Debug menu) to accept addresses based on
register values: e.g. 16($a0) or $a1+0x12
* sceAtracGetRemainFrame: improved compatibility based on log file
comparison with real libatrac3plus.prx
* New findings in sceWlan
* sceReg: added registry entries used by sceNetApctl.
* sceKernelFindModuleByUID: workaround bug in pspsdk for homebrews.
* sceUtilityLoadAvModule(PSP_MODULE_AV_ATRAC3PLUS): load
flash0/kd/libatrac3plus.prx (decrypted from a real PSP) if available.
* Small findings in sceWlan functions: sceWlanSetDropRate,
sceWlanGetDropRate and sceWlanIsPacketToBeDropped.
* sceAtracDecodeData: improved compatibility by returning as many samples
as defined in the atrac RIFF header. Previously, the last incomplete
samples were not returned.
* PSP Thread scheduling: fixed a very seldom issue when both idle threads
(idle0 and idle1) were waiting in their 200ms delay.
* UMD Browser: allow filtering while loading the entries.
* Improved compilation of overwritten HLE functions.
* Improved sceFontFlush: it is freeing up the memory allocated by
* Small debugging improvement
* sceKernelLoadModuleToBlock: fixed a bug when separating the memory
* sceWlan: added 2 missing NIDs.
* Remove the warn "unimplemented" for sceKernelQueryMemoryInfo() as it is
* sceSdCreateList: avoid NullPointerException when the key is NULL.
* sceKernelQueryMemoryInfo: added debugging info
* Do not check the firmware version number for HLE calls from kernel
modules (e.g. from real PSP modules loaded from flash0)
* Code clean-up: perform the firmware version check for HLE functions in
the compiler. This is more flexible.
* sceMpegRingbufferAvailableSize: compatibility improvement to return an
empty ringbuffer only after sceMpegGetAvcAu() has been called for the
last image.
* Small code improvement in the video decoder.
* Improved sceVideocodecDecode: perform the video decoding in a separate
non-PSP thread in order to not block other PSP threads. This is
improving the PSP thread scheduling while decoding a video using
* Added basic support for texture having multiple mipmaps but used by the
application as separated textures (i.e. using a fixed mipmap index)
* sceWlan: new findings, improved scanning, hleWlanIoctlCallback reponds
most of the time asynchronously.
* New convenience methods for TPointer type.
* Added debugging feature allowing to log input parameters at a start of a
code block.
* Small compatibility improvement in sceNetAdhocctlCreateEnterGameMode to
return correct error codes for invalid parameter values.
* Compiler: do not log a WARNing for unimplemented HLE functions which
have been overwritten by a real PSP module.
* Compiler: reverting a change for the support of branches to instructions
in a delay slot as it was not generating correct code.
* Fixed the adhoc channel value returned by sceUtilityGetSystemParamInt
* Findings in sceIoDevctl cmd=0x0202580A
* sceWlan: added support for adhoc GameMode, added support when switching
from one SSID to another one.
* sceWlan: added support for adhoc GameMode, added support when switching
from one SSID to another one.
* Added 2 new sceMemab functions
* Fixed sceKernelSetAlarm

Download: Jpcsp Git (2017/05/10) x86
Download: Jpcsp Git (2017/05/10) x64
Source: Here

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