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EmuCR: uoYabauseuoYabause v0.4.6 is released. uoYabause is a unofficial port of Yabause SEGA Saturn Emulator( http://yabause.org/ ).

Some games run playable quality.
uoYabause does not include any games. Put CD-Rom Iso image you have on the storage directory "yabause/games/". Start uoYabause and push Load Game button, then select file name you put.
You can control with touch panel but also with game pad connected with USB or Bluetooth.
* You can also boot game with intent.
Target: org.uoyabause.android/org.uoyabause.android.Yabause
Key: org.uoyabause.android.FileNameEx
Type: String
Value: absolute file path for a game CD-ROM ISO image

uoYabause v0.4.6 Changelog:
I've fixed a couple of bugs in CPU emulation. More games are playable now.
Sega Touring Car Championship
Tomb Raiders
Virtua Racing
Baku Baku Animal
3D Lemings
Vampire Savior
Mortal Kombat II
These improvements are available only when you select interpreter CPU.

Download: uoYabause v0.4.6 for Win
Download: uoYabause v0.4.6 for Android
Source: Here

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  1. As before, a bug with the output of the image in the window - the top of the screen is cropped. Apparently, the height of the menu and the toolbar are not taken into account.

  2. new games not funtion on windows please fix windows version


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