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GameLoader ALL RH 269 is released. GameLoader is a Arcade PC game loader.

GameLoader ALL RH Changelog:
· When activating Loader with hot key disabled status, the red window on the upper left of the screen is now hidden.
· For low-spec PCs, change the crash watch timer from 60 seconds to 150 seconds when starting RingWide / Edge game.

· When VSYNC is turned off by GPU setting, the start time of the game is shortened by disabling the "40 seconds" frame limiter on the Loader side when ID 6 AA is started.
* In this environment startup time of about 50 seconds has been shortened.
* Power consumption increases only for '40 seconds' releasing the frame limiter, but maybe the GPU will squeal coils.

- Resolution change of ID 6 AA was supported.
* Please use "Loader setting 1" tab "Initial D 6 AA" when using.
* Resolution change of this game is very inconvenient, so even if you enter an arbitrary number it will not be reflected in the game.
* Because the resolution reflected in the game is described, please input that number.
* When using "3 - Initial D 6 AA FullHD, UHD" already uploaded, please input the same resolution as the used resolution.

· Please make Language.ini the default.
· Other, fixed defect fixes.

Download: GameLoader ALL RH 269

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