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SPC/AT Emulator v0.98.1 is released. SPC/AT emulates older X86 computers including 386, 486, 586, and 686 with processor speeds of 8 - 133 Mhz and memory sizes of 1 - 512 MB.

SPC/AT Emulator v0.98.1 Changelog
- Recent CPU generations are added (up to Kaby/Zen);
- XSAVE/XRSTOR are supported in standard form (Sandy Bridge/Bulldozer);
- FXSAVE and FXRSTOR optimizations are supported now (Venice);
- RDTSCP and MSR TSC_AUX support (Nehalem/Winsdor);
- RDPID instruction support (Read Processor ID);
- MSR TSC_ADJUST is implemented (Haswell);
- CLZERO instruction is implemented (Zen);
- CLAC/STAC instructions are implemented (Broadwell/Zen);
- RDRAND instruction is added (Ivy Bridge/Excavator);
- RDSEED instruction is added (Broadwell/Zen);
- UMIP support (User-mode instruction prevention);
- RDFSBASE/RDGSBASE/WRFSBASE/WRGSBASE support (Ivy Bridge/Steamroller);
- PCLMULQDQ instruction is implemented (Westmere/Bulldozer);
- MOV CR8 using LOCK is implemented (Winsdor);
- SSE4a extension is implemented (Agena);
- 5-level paging is implemented (future models; for Kaby now).
- some SVGA scanline fixes (Alpine Linux x64 now workable in graph mode).

Download: SPC/AT Emulator v0.98.1
Source: Here

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