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EmuCR: SupermodelSupermodel SVN r617 is compiled. Supermodel is a Sega Model 3 arcade emulator. Supermodel emulates Sega's Model 3 arcade platform, allowing you to play a number of ground-breaking 3D classics on your PC.

Supermodel SVN Changelog:
Clamp the ambient light to a max of 0.75. LA Machine guns seems to use an ambient value of 1, which is full bright for everything. But for some reason the hardware seems to treat this as ~ 0.75. This fixes various missing shading in the game. This doesn't seem to have any negative effects on other games I have tested. Clamping in the shader as we might need the full range of values for fixed shading.

Download: Supermodel SVN r617 x86
Download: Supermodel SVN r617 x64
Source: Here

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