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EmuCR:DeSmuMEDeSmuME Git (2017/07/30) is compiled. DeSmuME is an open source Nintendo DS(NDS) emulator for Linux, Mac OS and Windows. DeSmuME supports save states, the ability to increase the size of the screen and it supports filters to improve image quality. DeSmuME also supports microphone use on Windows and Linux ports, as well as direct video and audio recording. The emulator also features a built-in movie recorder.

DeSmuME Git Changelog:
* OpenGL Renderer: Oops! Fix a bug where shaders would fail to work in legacy OpenGL, even when they are actually supported. (Regression from commit 8c37d4a.)
* OpenGL Renderer: Lower host GPU requirements for performing on-GPU final framebuffer conversions.
- Framebuffer conversion now occurs purely in shaders, and also
performs flipping along with conversion. FBOs and PBOs are no longer
required to do this.
- If shaders are not available, then framebuffer flipping will occur if
FBOs are available. PBOs are no longer required to do this.
- Also fix a minor framebuffer attachment bug in the v3.2 renderer.
* OpenGL Renderer: Eliminate two extraneous framebuffers, especially saving VRAM at the larger custom framebuffer sizes.
* winport (aviout) - fix stuff
* winport (aviout) - make output end with less bugs when the disk is full
* winport (aviout) - fix regressions in multipart naming; fix spurious "avi recording ended" message

Download: DeSmuME Git (2017/07/30) x86
Download: DeSmuME Git (2017/07/30) x64
Source: Here

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