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EmuCR: rpcs3 rpcs3 Git (2017/10/06) is compiled. RPCS3 is an open-source Sony PlayStation 3 emulator and debugger written in C++ for Windows and Linux. The emulator has been in development since early 2011 and currently supports modern DirectX 12, Vulkan and OpenGL renderers. The emulator is capable of booting and playing a decent amount of commercial games and PlayStation 3 SDK samples. Many more titles are also becoming playable with future development by contributors.

rpcs3 Git Changelog:
* Add supporters
* mutex.cpp: minor update
New concept (incomplete)
* Fix /dev/urandom typo
* Add cellVdec hack (stolen TLS)
* Implement CALL_FUNC
* libbeisobmf.sprx
* Fix cellKb
* sys_net full rewrite
Implement sys_net syscalls
Clean libnet functions
Use libnet.sprx
Use libhttp.sprx
Use libssl.sprx
Use librudp.sprx
Implement sys_ss_random_number_generator
* Update tooltips.json (#3529)
* Qt: fix gamegrid regression: mismatch between entry count and grid size
* Add a GitHub issue template, hopefully help with invalid issue spam.
* [Qt] fix experimental build warning layout and smoothen gamelist scrolling (#3532)
* Qt: fix layout of "experimental build warning" for dpi scaling
and remove compiler warning in welcome_dialog.ui
* Qt: smoothen gamelist/-grid scrolling by setting singlestep value
and fix missing scroll and deselect on gamegrid
* Qt: show all bootable categories in gamegrid
* Add Deadzones for evdev gamepads (#3519)
* Qt: include debug tool colors in stylesheet (#3527)
Qt: include debug tool colors in stylesheet
* spu: Fixes (#3526)
* spu: Rewrite interpreter fast FM
- Partially implement accurate FM
- Fix FMA/FMS/FNMS by removing an optimization that does not work for INF (cmpunord)
- cmpunord does not catch all cases of an extended result/overflow
- NOTE: FM still does not handle corner cases well (e.g inf * 1.2 because SPU does not have concept of inf)

Download: rpcs3 Git (2017/10/06) x64
Source: Here

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