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GameLoader ALL RH 292 is released. GameLoader is a Arcade PC game loader.

GameLoader ALL RH Changelog:
- It corresponds to Haunted Museum.
* It corresponds to right click temporary stop, but if the mouse hot key is in the way, please disable the "Other 3" tab "Enable Hot Key".
* Display cursor during game.
* Since the default resolution of this game is "1024 x 768", when the window size "setting 0" is selected, it changes to the window size of "4: 3".
* If you set the resolution of MUSEUM.ini to anything other than "1024 x 768", please be aware that the stage selection screen etc will not be displayed properly.
* If you do not set "FULLSCREEN 0" of "MUSEUM.ini" to "1", full screen display can not be done on the Game Loader side, please be sure to "FULLSCREEN 1".
* Since we added automatic fireproofing function, you do not need to hit a left mouse button repeatedly.
* Automatic fire protection is enabled by default, but you can disable automatic fire by using "Mouse wheel button" or "Space" key.
* Since there is a possibility of runaway, please use automatic fireproof function at your own risk.

Download: GameLoader ALL RH 292

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