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EmuCR: MameUIHiScorePicoDrive 3DS Git (2018/01/19) is released. This is a port of notaz's PicoDrive emulator to the old 3DS and old 2DS. Currently supports Sega Master System and Mega Drive games only. If you want Sega CD and 32X support, Retroarch is your best bet for now.

PicoDrive features:
- status line in main menu working
- bug fix: remove accidental wip svp code
- analog control working
- bug fix: svp dynarec freeze
- bug fix: load state background
- bug fix: accurate renderer

PicoDrive 3DS Changelog:
-Refactored mmap.c and svc hacks into 3dshack.c. Fixed bug where the running frame rate is inconsistent with the one in the menu. Enable dynarec only when the svc hack, and the test for dynarec is successful (not tested). Set default buttons mapping for X Y Z buttons.

Download: PicoDrive 3DS Git (2018/01/19)
Source: Here

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