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EmuCR: VirtuaNESVirtuaNES for 3DS Git (2018/01/20) is released. This is a port of VirtuaNES to 3DS as an alternative to existing NES emulators. It used to be considered one of the best emulators before FCE and Nestopia, and it runs quite fast for lower spec-ed computers (at the cost of some emulation accuracy). But because of that, the Old 3DS / 2DS is able to benefit from this fast running emulator core. This runs full speed on an old 3DS / 2DS with support for tonnes of mappers. Although it doesn't support every single mapper, the library of games that can run on this are probably fairly huge already.

VirtuaNES for 3DS Changelog:
-Refactored mmap.c and svc hacks into 3dshack.c. Fixed bug where the running frame rate is inconsistent with the one in the menu. Enable dynarec only when the svc hack, and the test for dynarec is successful (not tested). Set default buttons mapping for X Y Z buttons.

Download: VirtuaNES for 3DS Git (2018/01/20)
Source: Here

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