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EmuCR: Project64RSP Git (2018/03/21) is compiled. RSP is a plugin for Project64.

RSP Git Changelog:
* Disable signal-catching on _WIN32 since Project64's SEH clashes with it.
* fixed WIN32 compile error with empty default: switch label
* optimized _mm_cmplt_epu16() composite
* syntactical nits
* Count loop iterations with unsigned int, not int.
* Compile with -Wstrict-overflow=1, not =5.
* Stop passing --statistics to GAS.
* fixed paste fail
* fixed [LS]WC2 sign mismatch warning #ifndef ARCH_MIN_SSE2
* optimized MAC overflow carry when subtracting by -1
* vectorized VMACU
* vectorized VMACF
* We don't care about the details of reserved ops.
* Segregate bit-wise SP_STATUS_REG sets after clears.
* Allocate register files with enumerations, not macros.
* cleaned up DllMain()
* Diagnose unrecognized task types.
* Infer available RDRAM allocated by emulator.
* added option for convenient LTO substitution
* Control optimization level on a per-translation-unit basis.
* -lc
* That made no sense.
* Turn ECHO on for translation unit compiles only.
* Use C standard calls even for the Windows build.
* fixed CHDIR failures when GCC is on another drive
* Distinguish between Unix paths /lib/ and /lib64/.
* cleaned up Windows command shell build scripts
* Avoid the %version% headache by targeting MSYS2.
* -lkernel32

EmuCR: Project64
EmuCR: Project64

Download: RSP Git (2018/03/21) x64
Source: Here2

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