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EmuCR: CitraLemonLime Git (2018/08/25) is complied. LemonLime is a Nintendo 3DS LLE emulator written in C#, don't expect anything to work for quite awhile. The BootROM (Boot9) has started showing signs of life, it tries to access CONFIG9 IO, PXI IO, TIMER IO, IRQ IO and HID IO.

LemonLime Git changelog:
* Implement IRQ (Hardware Interrupts) into ARM core and also add CPU type into IO data.
* Improve IO. (Thanks Wolfvak, Sono)
* Add 3dbrew to credits.
* Update README with new info.
* Add ARM9 Internal Memory
* Oops, fix IO logging.
* extra stubs and fixes, etc.

Download: LemonLime Git (2018/08/25)

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