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EmuCR: DreavmRedream v1.3.1 is released. Redream (originally called Dreavm) is a work in progress emulator for the SEGA Dreamcast.

Redream Git Changelog:
Combined per-mesh and per-triangle polygon sort options into a new and improved per-strip option. This new option isn't as accurate as our per-pixel option, but it improves on both of the previous options for users without OpenGL 4.5 support.
Refactored thread synchronization code between emulation and graphics thread to reduce CPU usage and improve performance on dual core systems.
Added support for JIT compiling the AICA's ARM CPU code for a ~10% perf gain.
Optimized scheduler code for a ~5% perf gain.
Optimized basic block linking code.
Sort mode of passes not always being correctly honored (Tony Hawk menus).
Sorting of punch through polygons (Test Drive Le Mans car decals, SGGG Segagaga menus).
Alone in the Dark rebooting when selecting a character with the HLE BIOS.
Ignore window resize events on minimize to avoid renderer restarts.
License screen not showing when using the HLE BIOS.

Source: Here

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  1. So no download links?

    1. Click on the Source link, there are download links there.

    2. *sigh*... There goes the vast majority of interest in this emu...


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