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EmuCR: yuzuyuzu Git (2018/10/25) is complied. yuzu is a work-in-progress Nintendo Switch emulator. yuzu is an open-source project, licensed under the GPLv2 (or any later version). yuzu has been designed with portability in mind, with builds available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. The project was started in spring of 2017 by bunnei, one of the original authors of the popular Citra 3DS emulator, to experiment with and research the Nintendo Switch. Due to the similarities between Switch and 3DS, yuzu was developed as a fork of Citra. This means that it uses the same project architecture, and both emulators benefit from shared improvements. During the early months of development, work was done in private, and progress was slow. However, as Switch reverse-engineering and homebrew development became popular, work on yuzu began to take off as well.

yuzu Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #1577 from lioncash/err
* kernel/errors: Remove now-unused, unnecessary, error codes
* kernel/server_port: Simplify emptiness check within ShouldWait()
* kernel/server_port: Change error case return value in Accept() to ERR_NOT_FOUND
* kernel/error: Remove leftover 3DS error codes
* kernel/svc: Amend returned error code for invalid priorities in CreateThread
* kernel/svc: Move and correct returned error code for invalid thread priorities in SetThreadPriority()
* kernel/error: Add error code for invalid pointers
* kernel/error: Add error code for closed sessions
* Merge pull request #1524 from FernandoS27/layers-fix
* Fixed Layered Textures Loading and Cubemaps
* Merge pull request #1575 from lioncash/qstring
* game_list_worker: Use QString's formatting instead of fmt in FormatPatchNameVersions()
* Merge pull request #1570 from lioncash/optional
* profile_manager: Use std::optional instead of boost::optional
* Merge pull request #1558 from lioncash/ptr
* yuzu/configuration/config: Use a std::unique_ptr for qt_config instead of a raw pointer
* yuzu/configuration/config: Reorganize member variable and function layout
* Merge pull request #1565 from lioncash/audio
* time_stretch: Remove unused m_channel_count member variable
* Merge pull request #1554 from FernandoS27/pointsize
* Implement PointSize
* Merge pull request #1571 from lioncash/debug-translate
* graphic_breakpoints: Correct translation of strings in BreakpointModel's data() function
* Merge pull request #1564 from lioncash/npad
* npad: Remove unused controller variable from OnInit()
* Merge pull request #1568 from lioncash/dir
* game_list: Use QFileInfo instead of common's file functions
* Merge pull request #1567 from lioncash/translate
* game_list: Make game list column headers translatable
* Merge pull request #1566 from lioncash/str
* bootmanager: Use QStringLiteral instead of std::string to represent the window title
* Merge pull request #1563 from lioncash/frame
* perf_stats: Remove unused variable within DoFrameLimiting()
* Merge pull request #1562 from lioncash/aoc
* aoc_u: Make use of previously-unused CheckAOCTitleIDMatchesBase() function
* Merge pull request #1560 from lioncash/unused
* decoders: Remove unused variable within SwizzledData()
* maxwell_3d: Remove unused variable within ProcessQueryGet()
* Merge pull request #1561 from lioncash/fs
* vfs: Handle failure of file reading within VfsRawCopy()
* key_manager: Remove unused variable in DeriveBase()
* Merge pull request #1559 from lioncash/log
* logging/backend: Add missing services to the log filters
* Merge pull request #1468 from DarkLordZach/profile-manager-ui
* configure_system: Clear current username before overwriting
* profile_manager: Create save data if it doesn't exist on use
* acc: Fix account UUID duplication error
* configure_system: Clear selection after user delete
* profile_manager: Load user icons, names, and UUIDs from system save
* acc: Load user images from config dir
* qt: Allow user to select emu user on open save data
* qt: Add Profile Manager UI to system settings
* am: Pass current user UUID to launch parameters
* profile_manager: Load users from emulator settings
* settings: Add users and current_user settings and remove username
* Merge pull request #1551 from ogniK5377/improved-svcbreak
* Added assertion failed, reworked logging levels
* Added break types to svcBreak
* Added Amiibo support (#1390)
* Merge pull request #1515 from DarkLordZach/dlc-lfs
* qt: Add support for dumping a DLC Data RomFS
* registered_cache: Deduplicate results of ListEntry and ListEntryFilter
* fsp_srv: Apply patches to Data storage in OpenDataStorageByDataId
* patch_manager: Add support for using LayeredFS with Data
* Merge pull request #1542 from lioncash/project
* Merge pull request #1553 from lioncash/mem
* CMakeLists: Remove EMU_ARCH_BITS definition
* common: Remove memory_util.cpp/.h
* Merge pull request #1540 from lioncash/handle
* kernel/process: Make the handle table per-process
* Merge pull request #1552 from FearlessTobi/port-4336
* cmake: mingw also needs _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64
* only redefine 64 bit file operation for MSVC
* Merge pull request #1519 from ReinUsesLisp/vsetp
* gl_shader_decompiler: Implement VSETP
* gl_shader_decompiler: Abstract VMAD into a video subset
* Merge pull request #1539 from lioncash/dma
* engines/maxwell_*: Use nested namespace specifiers where applicable
* maxwell_dma: Make variables const where applicable within HandleCopy()
* maxwell_dma: Make FlushAndInvalidate's size parameter a u64
* maxwell_dma: Remove unused variables in HandleCopy()
* Merge pull request #1470 from FernandoS27/alpha_testing
* Assert that multiple render targets are not set while alpha testing
* Use standard UBO and fix/stylize the code
* Cache uniform locations and restructure the implementation
* Remove SyncAlphaTest and clang format
* Added Alpha Func
* Implemented Alpha Testing

Download: yuzu Git (2018/10/25)

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