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EmuCR: Avocado Avocado Git (2019/03/14) is compiled. Avocado is a Modern Playstation 1 emulator. Despite this emulator being in early development, some 3D games can run. There is currently no SPU (no sound except simple in-game Audio CDs) or MDEC (black screen instead of movies). The timer implementation does not function properly (games fail to boot or run at wrong speed).

Avocado Git Changelog:
* readme: update changelog
* Revert "externals: added fmt lib"
* premake: remove pch (fix Windows builds)
* externals: update fmt
* opengl: force software blit for 24bit mode
* render: shorter fast_round implementation
* dma: calculate masterFlag on status write
* project: added Precompiled headers
* opengl: copy vram to screen on begin (WIP)
* spu: read IRQ address
* mdec: algorithm working, hardcoded demangling for 24bit #20
* mdec: refactored, handle tables
* dma: added dma0 and dma1 channels

EmuCR: Avocado

Download: Avocado Git (2019/03/14) x86
Download: Avocado Git (2019/03/14) x64
Source: Here

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