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EmuCR: SS EmulatorsYaba Sanshiro (originally called Yabause Devmiyax) v2.7.1 is compiled. There's a new version of Yabause from japanese developper Devmiyax, based on his recent android port uoYabause. This version is a great improvement from original Yabause, on par with SSF and even better on some games. Yabause is a Sega Saturn Emulator(SS Emulator) for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.Yabause support booting games using Saturn cds or iso files.

Download: Yaba Sanshiro v2.7.1
Download: Yaba Sanshiro for Android
Source: Here


  1. They added support for redump format and chd support! I'm starting to want to buy the pro version which is free from ads aswell


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