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Swiss r682 is released. The swiss army knife of gamecube homebrew. Swiss aims to be the ultimate utility Gamecube homebrew application.

Swiss Changelog:
Fix free space reporting on multi-slot devices
Display Serial Port 2 device on the info screen
Serial Port 2 preliminary SD support

Add 2-disc support for block devices.
Always treat games as potentially reloading with read patches.
Rewrite IGR.
Optimize hardware registers access.
Prevent DVD reset.
Cheat to save some space.
Fix all EXI conflicts.
Finish(?) tedious work.
Install own EXI interrupt handler.
Clean up and space optimization.
Fix patching 2004 apploaders.
Full DI interrupt emulation.
Continue tedious work.
Fix IDE-EXI after f87dedc.
Always treat games as potentially reloading for SD Gecko.
Fix some multi-DOL issues.
Stop multiple block read on hot reset without IGR.
Hook __OSDoHotReset for IGR.
Stop multiple block read on hot reset.
Partial DI interrupt emulation.
Update FatFs to R0.13c-p5.
Fix patches on Serial Port 2 for other devices.
Fix patches on byte addressing SD for other devices.
Some additional work on DI emulation.
Break ground on DI emulation.
Fix patches on Serial Port 2.
Reverse patch device order.
Use DVD queue to manage breakpoint.
Add remainder of ECID.
Add force DTV status.

Download: Swiss r682

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