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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-Staging Git (2020/02/16) is released. This repository attempts to modernize the DOSBox project by using current development practices and tools, fixing issues, adding features that better support today's systems, and sending patches upstream.

DOSBox Git Changelog:
* Update allowed PVS issues limit
* Merge branch 'svn/trunk' r4328
* Small cleanup and move to ++i instead of i++ for iterators in this file
* remove unused variable
* Document DOSBox's BBS Gaming features
* Fix handling of escape characters in softmodem
* Ignore original (.orig) and reject (.rej) patch-failure files
* Change 'sblaster.oplemu = default' to select 'nuked'
* Change 'render.glshader' default to 'sharp'
* Change 'sdl.fullresolution' default to 'desktop'
* Change 'sdl.capture_mouse' default to 'seamless middlerelease'
* Change 'sdl.output' default to 'opengl'
* Print newline after 'config -axadd'
* Print newline after 'config -wcd'
* Print newline after 'config -l'
* Fix crash on 'config -get "foo bar"'
* Print newline after 'config /?'
* Format help section for 'render.scaler' for 80 columns
* Change 'render.aspect' default to 'true'
* Update allowed issues limit
* Merge branch 'svn/trunk' r4326
* Add patch 285 from MHM to fix bug 367, mimics the normal event.gain code
* fix two tiny bugs introduced by 4065.
* Fix bug 469. Give 640x480 and upwards square pixels and several fixes for high colour modes. (jmarsh)
* Fix compilation for platforms where the include guard is different and the exported symbol was changed by Khronos.
* Improve logging and OS X support (jmarsh).

Download: DOSBox-Staging Git (2020/02/16)
Source: Here

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