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EmuCR: WiiUCemu v1.17.4 is released. Cemu is a Nintendo Wii U emulator that runs commercial games. Highly experimental software to emulate Wii U applications on PC.

Cemu Changelog:
general: Added support for SD card emulation
The virtual SD card is always inserted
It's mapped to the 'sdcard' folder in the Cemu root directory

general: Fixed a deadlock that could happen when changing the mlc01 folder

RPL: Fixed a crash in the RPL loader that could happen for some game executables

coreinit: Minor stability improvements for multi-core recompiler mode

nn_act: Implemented GetSlotNoEx()
Fixes saving in Art Academy titles (#81)

Vulkan: Shaders with compile errors should no longer crash Cemu
Vulkan: Skip drawcall instead of crashing when out of vertex cache memory

Download: Cemu v1.17.4
Source: Here

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