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EmuCR: Mesen-SMesen-S Git (2020/05/25) is compiled. Mesen-S is a cross-platform SNES emulator for Windows & Linux built in C++ and C#.

Mesen-S Git changelog:
* GB: APU - Implemented volume update behavior on register writes
* GB: Added missing variables in save states
* GB: Improved PPU LCD timings
* Debugger: GB - Fixed relative address calculation
* GB: Improved timer implementaion
* GB: Fixed open bus behavior for some registers
* GB: OAM DMA has priority over PPU rendering (?)
* GB: Improved EI and IRQ behavior
* GB: Fixed idle cycle timing for CALL
* GB: Fixed RST/PUSH idle cycle timing
* GB: Added open bus bits on $FF07
* GB: Fixed OAM write behavior during DMA
* GB: Various emulation improvements
* Debugger: Add basic support for wla-dx symbol files for gb roms
* Libretro: Update Makefile.common (#130)
* Libretro: Clean alternate libretro core name (#129)

Download: Mesen-S Git (2020/05/25)
Source: Here

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