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EKA2L1 Git (2020/09/10) is released. EKA2L1 is a Experimental Symbian OS emulator, written in C++ 17. The emulator currently emulates Symbian OS's EKA2 behavior (with planned EKA1 support), and reimplement most of its critical app servers. It can already boot many EKA2's apps and games, with EKA1 being worked on at the moment.

EKA2L1 Git Changelog:
* drivers/audio/wmf: Add transcode and cropping
* services/fbs: Correct coverage offset for stb
* services/window: Check for mouse event in screen space first before doing events
* common/vecx: Add multiply operator for vec2 with vec2
* debugger: Correct source keycode mapping
* debugger: Allow changing keybind as mouse
* drivers/graphics: Correct raw mouse button hook and add multiple mouse buttons support
* services/window: Handle binding mouse as key
* config: Add mouse keybind map
* services/window: Don't recreate bitmap when size is same


Download: EKA2L1 Git (2020/09/10)

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