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EKA2L1 Git (2020/10/25) is released. EKA2L1 is a Experimental Symbian OS emulator, written in C++ 17. The emulator currently emulates Symbian OS's EKA2 behavior (with planned EKA1 support), and reimplement most of its critical app servers. It can already boot many EKA2's apps and games, with EKA1 being worked on at the moment.

EKA2L1 Git Changelog:
* tools/skninfo: Correct path include of skn file
* services/window: Parse hardware states
* services/ui: Move akn to ui part 2 and fill rest of layout config buffer
* services/ui: Move akn to ui
* services/socket: Fix return instead of break on HR open opcode
* system: Reset scripting before kernel
* services/socket: Implement socket_hr_open
* package: Rename cmake target
* Merge pull request #212 from EKA2L1/clean2
* services/window: Update compat setting when UID of setting process change
* kernel/process: Add uid type change callback
* services/fs/parser: Detect wildcard in name and extension parse and no delete
* common/path: Fix null terminator at the end of filename
* services/fbs: Only use compression for 12-bit and 8-bit pp image
* services/bitmap: Use shared space for bitmap whenever we can
* patch/target: Add another target
* services/fbs: Simplify and correct load_bitmap implementation
* kernel/mutex: Return actual mutex count
* kernel: Implement thread_set_initial_param and mutex_count
* services/fs: Correct entry returned attribute
* services/fs/parser: Temporary fixing the wildcard
* services/window/scheduler: Unschedule events on destruction
* kernel/timer: Check if the request is finished before signal in timer callback
* system: Make gdbstub in constructor
* patch/mediaclientaudiostream: Prevent setprioritypref unimpl spam
* package: Lowercase filename first before extract
* debugger: Attempt to fix non -msvc bug
* debugger: Add credits localization
* config: Correct app setting directory separator
* kernel/svc: Limit some IPC log with config option
* services/view: Correct opcode translation part2
* services/view: Correct opcode translation
* config: Add compat copy
* package: Fix constructor initialization
* debugger: Allow changing RTOS level
* config: Remove time-delay and add real-time level
* system/device: Remove time delay for global
* debugger: Add compability profile save
* drivers/graphics/ogl: Lower down OpenGL barrier to 3.1 compability
* external: Update imgui
* glad: Add 3.1 compability profile
* common/time: Link with winmm
* common/time: declare sleep period only on win32
* services/window: Synth frame rate with initial compat
* tests: Remove unneccessary open/shutdown
* services/ui/cap: Add AKN app scanning utility
* services/applist: Remove running app list and attach child process that launch through opcode
* kernel/process: Load compat preset
* kernel/svc: let time delay depend on each process's configration
* debugger: Add drop down app config list
* config/app_setting: Add one more option
* common/pystr: Make as_int comfort with 16-bit string
* services/window: get referesh rate for window group from app setting
* kernel: Implement process_set_type
* services/view: Add EKA1 version of activate_view
* kernel/timing: Add RTOS accuracy toggle function
* system: Pass app settings to kernel
* console: Add missing link targets
* common/time: Add RT period guard
* common/sync: Add win32 alternative implementation for event
* scripting: Fix compile errors
* console: Create io components and package manager in constructor
* emu: Move manager components to their respective part 1


Download: EKA2L1 Git (2020/10/25)

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