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EmuCR: PPSSPPPPSSPP Git (2020/10/20) is compiled. PPSSPP is a fast and portable PSP emulator for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, written in C++.

PPSSPP Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #13560 from unknownbrackets/free-space
* Io: Track initial free space for compat flag.
* Io: Account for free space on the host device.
* Merge pull request #13565 from unknownbrackets/headless
* Headless: Define consistent memstick size.
* Merge pull request #13564 from unknownbrackets/psmf-state
* Psmf: Cleanup logging.
* Psmf: Handle older states for delayed state change.
* Address feedback about recent changes
* Merge pull request #13563 from ANR2ME/adhoc_fix
* Don't need to connect if AdhocServer IP is the same with this instance localhost IP and having AdhocServer disabled
* Updated Loggings and return value on PtpSend, PtpFlush, and PtpRecv.
* Show a warning just in case an abnormal situation occurred.
* Fix disconnection issue due to timeout on blocking PTP Socket
* Added Connection Refused error code on PtpConnect
* Fixed disconnection issue when multiplayer game started on Shaun White Snowboarding, and improved multiplayer performance on games that use GameMode.
* Updated Adhocctl timings based on the timestamp on JPCSP + prx files


Download: PPSSPP Git (2020/10/20) x64
Download: PPSSPP Git (2020/10/20) Android
Source: Here

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