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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-Staging Git (2021/11/28) is compiled. This repository attempts to modernize the DOSBox project by using current development practices and tools, fixing issues, adding features that better support today's systems, and sending patches upstream.

DOSBox-Staging Git Changelog:
* Fix dead assignment LGTM complaints
* Disable unit tests for LGTM build
* Fix redundant const cast in test
* Setup the config path first in the test fixture
* Avoid using SDL's main wrapper in the unit tests
* Disable some warning flags for unit tests
* Add PROGRAMS_Destroy cleanup function
* Tests for CMD_ECHO and allow Mock WriteOut
* Complete tests for DOS_Shell::DoCommand
* DOS_Shell tests and mocks, refactor fixture
* Fix libdosbox testing dependency loguru
* Tests for DTAExtendName
* DOS_FindFirst Tests
* Tests for DOS_MakeName
* Make DOS Devices clean up properly
* Use a GTEST fixture class to instantiate DOSBox
* Bootstrap DOS tests needing real init
* Add dos files tests + cleanup
* Clean up and refactor drives tests
* Modernize Set_Label + Unit Tests
* Add edge case tests around Set_Label
* DOS Drives Set_Label unit tests
* Tests for libdos, C++17 strings for WildFileCmp
* Add debugger binary to MSYS2 release package
* Make changes as suggested by shellcheck
* Get correct directory for $release_dir for msvc
* Only create package if dest dir is empty, or user forces
* Make translation installation dynamic
* Use 'set -e', move 'set -x'
* Get github env vars in create-package.sh
* Use create-package.sh for msvc workflow
* Use create-package.sh for msys2 workflow
* Use create-package.sh for macos workflow
* Use create-package.sh for linux workflow
* Add create-package.sh script

DOSBox-Staging Git (2021/11/28) x64 : 1fichier anonfiles bayfiles bowfile dailyuploads letsupload megaup mixdrop send uptobox zippyshare
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