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EmuCR:Virtual JaguarVirtual Jaguar Rx R5b is released. Ported by SDLEMU (Niels Wagenaar & Carwin Jones) and is based upon the
original work by David Raingeard of Potato Emulation. Virtual Jaguar is an open source emulator based on Jagem (Virtual Jaguar) for Linux, MacOS X, and Windows.

Virtual Jaguar Changelog:
Added a save state feature (based from PvtLewis's patch - Atari Age's forum).
Help|Content updates.
Merged convenience fixes #64 from 42Bastian.
-- Start of RISC disassembly moved to F03000, GPU memory browser in longs, and fixed object list display.
Fix parameter's address pointer and update icons usage for the Local variables window.
Added a command line option to fill the entire system space with 0.
M68K disassembly display the Bcc's logic result only when the line match with current PC.

Download: Virtual Jaguar Rx R5b
Source: Here

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