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EmuCR: fpPS4 fpPS4 Git (2023/01/06) is compiled. PS4 compatibility layer (emulator) on Free Pascal. This project is at the beginning and started for fun.

fpPS4 Changelog:
* Fix Xinput Right Trigger
* pthread_setschedparam fix
* pthread_attr_setstackaddr/scePthreadAttrSetstackaddr
* pthread_attr_getstack
* pthread_attr_getstackaddr
* pthread_attr_getguardsize
* pthread_attr_getstacksize
* More accurate accounting of prior, etc.
* pthread_attr_getschedpolicy
* sceCommonDialogIsUsed
* sceNpProfileDialogUpdateStatus
* scePadSetAngularVelocityDeadbandState

fpPS4 Git (2023/01/06): 1cloudfile bayfiles gofile send
Source: Here

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