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EmuCR: RyujinxRyujinx Git (2023/02/09) is compiled. Ryujinx is an open source Nintendo Switch Emulator written in C# created by gdkchan. This emulator aims at providing good performance and accuracy, a friendly interface, and consistent builds. Ryujinx is currently available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Ryujinx Git changelog:
* Fix SPIR-V when all inputs/outputs are indexed (#4389)
* `ObjectiveC` Helper Class (#4286)
* Log shader compile errors with Warning level (#2617)
* Replace unicorn bindings with Nuget package (#4378)
* Vulkan: Flush command buffers for queries less aggressively (#4387)
* bug_report.yml hotfix
* Misc: Update issues form (#4383)
* nuget: bump System.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt from 6.26.0 to 6.26.1 (#4384)
* Replace BitConverter.ToString(bytes).Replace("-", "") with Convert.ToHexString(bytes) (#4382)
* Fix some Vulkan validation errors (#4357)
* Limit texture cache based on total texture size (#4350)

Ryujinx Git (2023/02/09) x64 : 1cloudfile bayfiles gofile multiup pixeldrain zippyshare

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