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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-Staging Git (2023/10/15) is compiled. This repository attempts to modernize the DOSBox project by using current development practices and tools, fixing issues, adding features that better support today's systems, and sending patches upstream.

DOSBox-Staging Git Changelog:
* SDL_sound: Take a mutex lock and remove use of volitile keyword
* Revert "Add an assert to fix a Coverity warning in SDL Sound"
* Use safe_strcpy and safe_strcat
* Fix incorrect version reporting in Virtualbox LOG_WARNING.
* Fix coverity sign extension warning
* Add an assert to fix a Coverity warning in SDL Sound
* Fix assert macro in SDL_Sound
* De-unionise X86PageEntry
* Do not assert if mapperfile parameter is empty
* Update mt32emu wrap to 2.7.1-1
* Update zlib wrap to 1.3-3
* Update libjpeg-turbo wrap to 3.0.0-5
* Update gtest wrap to 1.14.0-1
* Update glib wrap to 2.78.0-1
* Update fluidsynth wrap to 2.3.3-2
* Switch post to pre incrementers in remainder of core decoders
* Switch post to pre incrementers in adjacent changed lines
* Encapsulate the dynrec cache's write mask type addition call
* Encapsulate the dynrec cache's existing write mask routines
* Fix for DOS error code being wrongly set on creating files
* Zero initalize memory allocation in GrowWriteMask in dyn_cache
* Fix duplicated comment
* Rename some file search related variables
* Check FAT drive entry attributes directly
* Place the FatAttributeFlag presets in a scoped enum
* Apply clang-format to commits (whitespace-only)
* Remove obsolete APIs from 'dos_system.h'
* Fix file attributes for ISO image and virtual drive in more functions
* Reduce allowed PVS Studio warnings

DOSBox-Staging Git (2023/10/15) x64 : 1cloudfile gofile pixeldrain send uloz usersdrive
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